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Celebrity IT Security and personal information security is our primary concern

Privacy and Security are vital requisites of many high profile individuals and their families. Identifying and protecting information by using effective celebrity electronic security is the essence of CyberVIPer.

Cyber VIPer Electronic Reconnaissance and Security services protect against electronic espionage of VIPs, Celebrities, High profile and High net worth individuals, as well as sports stars and entrepreneurs who have all become the new victims of exploitation and public fascination.

The more high profile and successfully you are, the more at risk you, your family and friends are. Our high net worth and celebrity IT security services are designed to protect individuals from defamation and sensitive data leaks about their business and private lives.

Cyber VIPer selebrity electronic security services utilise all the technical surveillance skills and expertise developed over many years of operational service to assist our clients by mitigating risks to their intellectual property, information and data.
PCs, Laptops, Mobile phones all store sensitive data, even if it is deleted. Our Device Security service “locks down” your devices so that only you can access the information.

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Whether moving house, acquiring a boat, plane or villa, we deploy safe, secure and authenticated networks and mobile secure connections with resilient networks that keep data confidential.

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IT and Information Security is currently one of the fastest changing areas in the world. Risks and Vulnerabilities are arising on a daily basis.

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Our technology encompasses the challenges of Security-as-a-Service (SaaS) and our services are bespoke to each and every client based on an information security risk assessment.

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We can identify, collect, secure, and analyze data in a way that preserves the integrity of the evidence collected, so it can be used effectively in a legal case.

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We not only provide our clients with technology but also educate our clients and their staff/family about the risk and showing them how they can help prevent infringement of privacy and confidential data.

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